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all brands and models of Woodworking Machinery.

Thanks to partnerships with industry leading machinery manufacturers and local suppliers, our client needs are met to the highest standard.

Excellence in service support is behind all our activities and we have a skilled and professional team on hand to help. As a company, we understand that every one of our customers has unique requirements.

Breakdowns and repairs are priority to us. Most repairs can be carried out on site to reduce down time and expense. Specialist tools used by experienced technicians carry out the work to ensure that the job has been done correctly and safely.Parts to just about all makes of machinery can be sourced or made so therefore any breakdown can be done.

As a company, we understands that every one of our clients has unique requirements about their woodworking machinery such as: Edgebanders, Panel Saws, CNC Machines, Surface Planers, Combination Machines, Thicknessers, Spindel Moulders, Wide Belt Sanders and many more.

FORZA Machinery has been meeting the machinery needs of companies in woodworking and related industries for more than 20 years. Our focus continues to be on providing high-quality products that help our customers reduce costs and operate with greater efficiency. We’re also known for providing excellent customer service. Our comprehensive menu of services includes complete machinery reconditioning and repairs, preventative maintenance and machining. We can even sell your used machinery on a consignment basis.

Preventative Maintenance is key to your organizations success!

When you think about it your equipment is similar to your car or truck. Can you imagine what would happen to your car if you changed the oil every 18,000 kms instead of every 10,000 kms? You would notice a difference in your cars performance after 100,000 kms. It would become unreliable and if you chose to repair or rebuild the engine the end cost and the amount of time it would take would easily exceed the amount of time and money the oil changes would have taken! Inconsistent maintenance results in equipment downtime when you cannot afford it! There is nothing more frustrating then missing an on time delivery due to equipment failure, especially if that failure could have been avoided.

Preventative Maintenance is more then greasing and oiling your machines though. A good preventative maintenance program anticipates the type of breakdowns you will likely have and takes steps to ensure they never happen. This can involve several maintenance procedures. Four key maintenance practices will increase your machines up time.

Sound preventative maintenance requires a commitment of time and finances. The reward for your commitment is priceless! Increased reliability will help you avoid that call to your customer explaining why you cannot deliver on time. Over time the monetary and time commitment is a fraction of the cost of repairing or replacing your equipment prematurely.

We have developed preventative maintenance programs for hundreds of equipment types and brands. Programs that have reduced the over all cost of maintenance. We can help you too! We now offer a unique program for small businesses with only a few pieces of equipment. We can inspect your equipment yearly and develop a customized preventative maintenance program. We can then train your personnel to perform the proper maintenance procedures, generate work orders at the defined frequencies, mail them to you, and file your records in our office. Why is this important? Sound record keeping is crucial. If an employee is injured on equipment in your facility, the maintenance records you keep are your proof that you have not neglected your machinery and put your employees at risk!

Service contracts available for single or multiple machines, on either a 3, 6 or 12 month basis.

This consists of the following:
i. General inspection of machinery, checking for any worn parts that could contribute to possible breakdown;
ii. Machine would be cleaned, and all lubrication points replenished;
iii. Machine would be tested for accuracy, safety and altered accordingly;
iv. After-service report, that would list any defects and provide a quotation for repair.

Sale + Repair + Spare parts

Forza Machinery P/L can offer Sale + Repair + Spare parts on not just its own brands –

Nikmann, Casolin, Masterwood, HolzMann and Veba

– but to all makes and models of woodworking machines such as: edgebanders, panel saws, CNC Machines, surface planers, combination machines, thicknessers, spindel moulders, wide belt sanders and many more across Victoria and Tasmania - from small entry level woodworking machines to high tech CNC routers.


If you concider of moving your factory, we can organise:


  • Disconnect - electrical and mechanical;
  • Recommission existing woodworking machinery;
  • Dismantling and documenting components for re-assembly where needed;
  • Completing heavy lift machinery moves using our vast range of cranes;
  • Packing machinery and associated parts securely in line with the appropriate transport methods;
  • Correctly loading and transporting safely all machinery via owned transport;
  • Accurate re-assembly of woodworking machinery and equipment;


Gluepot Refurbishment for Edgebanders

Edgebanders are one of the more complex machines in operation in most cabinet and millwork shops. The maintenance however is imperative to the performance and reliability of the machine. Without it you can experience a poor edge quality which will result in hand finishing and defects and worst of all significant down time and expense in repairing the machine. There are some basic maintenance tips that can greatly reduce the downtime you experience on your edgebander and keep it the lifeblood of your operation.

A few oberservations on your part will start to give you the tell tale signs of an approaching rebuild:
1.Glue line is not even from top to bottom
2.Glue line is blotchy
3.Getting difficult to adjust quantity of glue
4.Increasing build up of crusted glue around the edges ofthe main basin or gates.
Time between rebuilds is 6-12 months, based on a 40 hour work week. Proper maintenance will increase the time between rebuilds. Please keep in mind that if a glue pot is run too long without proper maintenance, the bushings, seals, bearings and other contact parts will wear out enough to start damaging other expensive parts of the glue pot, such as gates and the glue roller. Good routine maintenance and proper rebuild timing will make a big difference on your profitability.

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We provide a wide selection of quality industrial woodworking equipment from Europe and abroad. Choose from a line of quality new and used woodworking machines on display at our showroom in Pakenham, Victoria. We feature machines from many manufacturers!

As an added convenience we also offer a wide variety of quality machine parts and woodcrafting supplies with worldwide shipment available. Our customer service people are some of the best in the field, and look forward to having the opportunity to serve you.

If your woodworking machine fails or just needs a service, it’s important to know that the service provider employed can deal with the woodworking machine in its entirety. By ensuring that all our staff has the range of skills required to work on all aspects of woodworking machinery.


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