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Surface Planers / Thicknessers

NikMann surface planers are European made, heavy duty planers.

The surface planeris decisive for the high quality appearance of your furniture. By concentrating on essentials, NikMann surface planerscombine compact design with maximum automation. The heart of any surface planer is the cutter block. This is why NIKMANN always offers the perfect solution of every surface planer to ensure superior surface. Continuous development work on every surface planer guarantees our customers maximum process reliability and maximises their competitive ability.

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NikMann Maschinen

ZMM “STOMANA” AD is a company with extensive experience and lasting traditions in the machine building branch of the industry.


Found in Silistra / Bulgaria - Europe/ in 1945, this is one of the biggest manufacturers of woodworking machines and equipment for the founding industry in Europe.

During the last several years NikMann Maschinen has been able to develop a wide range of wood processing machines like the series of single, twin and multi-operational machines, planers, thickness planers, drillers, circular saws, milling machines, belt saws, lathes and belt-grinders, edge banding machines, air aspirators etc.

The NIKMANN MASCHINEN trade mark, under which they are distributed, gradually acquires a wider popularity in Europe and on a number of foreign markets including Australia.

Surface Planer NikMann ADM-320


Surface Planer / Thicknesser
NikMann ADM-410


Surface Planer / Thicknesser
NikMann FS-32N


Surface Planer NikMann
NikMann FS-41N


Surface Planer NikMann
NikMann DMA-401


Surface Planer / Thicknesser
NikMann DMA-41


Surface Planer NikMann
NikMann DMA-41L


Surface Planer NikMann
NikMann DMA-53L


Surface Planer NikMann