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Woodworking CNC machines

Masterwood has been producing woodworking CNC machines for more than 40 years, helping the furniture and casing industry with our passion and professionalism.

The MASTERWOOD brand was born in 1990 in Italy , out of the merger of two companies that wrote the history of our industry: MUTI, the leader in the production of chisel mortising and mortising machines and ZANGHERI - BOSCHETTI, specialized in the production of automatic multiple boring machines.

CNC routers since 1990

The synergy of experience and know-how brought in by each partner soon lead MASTERWOOD to become one of the reference companies producing numeric control work benches both for panels and solid wood, exporting more than 70% of its production to all six continents.

Constant investments in Research and Development allow MASTERWOOD to offer state-of-the-art technology supported by personalized software in order to ease the use of the most complicated appliances. Our flexibility is what enables us to meet each of our customers’ desires, building the machine that best fits his needs.


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