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Forza Machinery is an official agent for

NikMann Maschinen, Casolin - Italy, Masterwood - Italy, HolzMann Maschinen - Austria.

If your machine faults or just needs a service, you want to know that the service provider you employ can deal with your machine in its entirety. By ensuring that all our staff have the range of skills required to work on all aspects of machinery, we offer the ideal service solution for your business.

We work on Panel saws, Wall saws, Planer / Moulders, Spindle Moulders, Speed Sanders, Linishers, Disc Sanders, Bobbin Sanders, Pad Sanders, Planers, Planer / Thicknessers, Routers, Bandsaws, Tenoners, Mortisers, Radial Arm Saws


We service a wide variety of name brands and equipment types used in the woodworking industry such as:

Altendorf, Barker, Brandt, Bimatic, Biesse, Casolin, Centauro, Casadei, CJMW, Elumatec, Fravol, Giben, Griggio, Homag, Holzher, Martin, KDT, Morbidelli, Masterwood, Mechwood, MiniMax, Omga, Rhino, Robland, SCM, Sicar, Vitap, Virutex, Woodfast, etc.


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Sale - Repair - Service

Breakdowns and repairs on woodworking machinery are priority to us.

Most repairs can be carried out on site to reduce down time and expense. Specialist tools used by experienced technicians carry out the work to ensure that the job has been done correctly and safely.

Forza’s full service offering also includes:

  • Glue Pot Refurbishment for Edge Banders;
  • Mechanical and Pneumatic Repairs for all models of woodworking machines;
  • Electrical and Electronic Repairs for all brands of woodworking machines;
  • Replacing bearings on a spindle moulder, panle saw, wide belt sander, etc. are our priority to keep your business running.


Company offers a full range of repair and reconditioning services to all brands and models of woodworking machinery.

While light work can be completed in the field, major work will normally require the extensive capabilities of our well equipped shop.

Forza Machinery P/L offers the ideal service solution for schools and businesses.

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Mechanical repairs
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